Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Day One

4:30 Rise and shine. Begin caffeination process.
6:30 Complete review of social network groups.
7:30 Wonder what compelled me to rise so early. Begin packing cleaning supplies and tools.
8:00 Load vehicle with enough cleaning agents to stock a small independent hardware store.
8:30 Drive to new home.
8:35 Greet former tenant who is taking things off his truck and adding to a pile of junk in the yard. Ask him facetiously if he is leaving you all this great stuff?
8:40 Learn that he has not completed evacuating the house or the garage.
8:50 Get a key.
9:00 Go to town to get keys cut and call it a day.
End of Day One.

1 comment:

  1. A frustratingly unproductive day by the sound of it :-(
    Good luck with all that cleaning - I always think that's the worst of the move. Until I remember the 100+ packing boxes that need to be unpacked. Don't envy you!