Thursday, 3 April 2014

Day Three

And behind cupboard door number two, is mouse droppings. Great. Really old ones too. Will be taking steel wool with me tomorrow to plug up the obvious entry points around the plumbing. Also made a note to watch for "free kitten" adds this spring. There are enough out-buildings to house a dozen or more felines.

Also today I have my first visitor. A Jehovah's Witness came to my door. Guess I am not as remotely located as I thought.

Was delighted when brother dropped off his helper, again. More flooring removed. And all the nails and screws and sundry fasteners that populated the walls, ceilings and windows are now history. Pulled out an old boot shelf and some "floating" corner mirror shelves too.

This is Mark. A man with a mission,

In all I sanitized one set of upper/lower cabinets and two drawers, and cleaned as best I could under the sink. Yes that is pretty slow for a day's work, but I am moving slowly, as I hurt in a lot of places. And I am being really fussy about reaching all the surfaces and getting into the corners. Evan in behind the drawers (which is where the majority of the dropping laid)  Inch, by inch, is my motto today.

Now a mouse free zone.
Tomorrow, I will aim to get as far as the fridge.

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  1. Yuk! Droppings are never a nice find and especially in the kitchen. Well done for getting in there and doing what you can to get rid of the yukky stuff and make yourself feel more comfortable in there. It's hard work and you are doing great!