Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Day Fifteen

It has been a whole week since I did anything at the house. I should be so much further along. I am reminded that we were on the road for six days. "You can't be in two places at once." I am told. But somehow, I should have figured a way to do the road trip and progress on the cleaning. I pause to daydream about a cleaning fairy that does my bidding. I send her instructions by telepathy.

Still I am feeling discouraged and having trouble prioritizing my efforts. So I go around in circles for awhile. Then, a plan begins to formulate. I am at the old house, wishing I was at the new house. But by the time the chores are done, bed made, pets fed, messages answered, the morning slips away, and then I am busy with commitments that take me away from the houses again. To wait for a large chunk of time and corresponding energy to go to the new house and dig in, is difficult to orchestrate. So I do some laundry and wipe the counters in the old house, thinking about all the work I am not getting to in the new house. Can you see the problem here?

Change your mindset, change your reality. It's time for me to flip my home base. If I am operating out of the new house, I will be there for the wee moments that I can use to chip away at the larger projects. Add that to the chunks of time where one can really dig in and things should start to come around.

So on day fifteen, I relocated the cat to the new garage along with another van full of bins from the basement. And then each of the dogs came to the new yard. They had just spent the weekend at a kennel, so I figured now was the best time to confuse them some more.  There is a makeshift dog run, that is attached to the house. I can see the question marks floating above their heads. But they are comfortable and safe and don't have to be tied up to keep them from bolting back to the old house.

Also my coffeemaker  found it's new spot. And I had hoped to move a bed up, but on my own, this won't happen as it is snowing and slushy again. I will be patient and wait for a helper so I don't drop my mattress in the mud.

Just yesterday, the  yard was clear of snow and ice. Thoughts were turning to spring work, and then like a late April Fool's joke, (a bad one mind you) winter returns. With snow in the forecast until Friday, it will be awhile before a rake is needed.

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  1. a change of mindset is probably what I need right now. I too am going round in circles and achieving very little. I'm loving seeing these snippets into your northern life :-)