Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Day Sixteen

Change your mindset. Change your reality. Switching home base is working!

Still sleeping at the old house, until I can get a bed moved over. But this morning, I got up and had no coffee here. I had to dress and head over to new house, where puppies were so happy to see me. We had our morning coffee there and by 7 am, the rubber gloves were on and cleaning commenced.

It has become apparent the kitchen renovations done in the '80's did not employ a cabinet maker. A carpenter perhaps, but not a finish carpenter. I pulled the stove and was dismayed to find this.
What we have here is DIY with no pride of workmanship. The plywood cupboards were left bare, no paint. The edges of the counter is raw, no laminate. the wall is part drywall, with four inches of vapour barrier that has never been trimmed. and to the left of that is the original fiberboard that was used for walls when this house was first built. The laminate flooring, which is a fairly recent instalation, is held in place with common nails. And the receptacle for the range was never installed properly. (yes, I turned the breaker off before trying to unplug stove.) On top of the unfinished surfaces is years of grease and oil that has dribbled down. It is immposible to clean it off of these raw surfaces.

This prompted an odd moment for me. I felt so sad for the little house.  No one had ever cared enough to take care of her in these unseen but important areas. It was like the house was embarrassed for having to reveal herself. But it is not her fault that she was not loved or cared for properly. I don't know how much I can fix of all this, but I can help her make the best of what she has. I promised the little house, I will do my best to help her earn back some self-respect. So rub-a-dub, scrub. The cleaning carried on for a five hour stretch. By the time I was done, the upper cabinets were completed.

Today, I feel like I got somewhere. Tomorrow, we finish the bottom cabinets.

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  1. that little old house must be very happy to have you to take care of her.