Friday, 4 April 2014

Day Four

Friday started at a balmy -2C degrees. Hooray! We will be in plus temperatures today. A short snow squall lasted just long enough for me to say "What the...??" and then it melted as quickly as it fell.

An early call from brother and it was lined up to have my helper remove the particle board sub-floor. The residue from the demolition work is starting to form quite a pile. To cut down on the lifting and moving and lifting again, a contingency of Philippines showed up to push a converted trailer closer to the house. 
I had errands to run in town, and didn't get to start scrubbing until after 2 p.m. So I didn't make my goal today, but I am up to the cupboard before the fridge. And very happy that there were no more calling cards from furry critters today.

By the ends of the day, the living room floor is down to it's base.
The weekend with be reno free for me. Day 5 will have me busy with a "New to You" sale where I will be helping my daughter sell the baby clothes I no longer have room to store for her. (very, very sad to say good bye to all these wee things) and  Day 6 is a meet-up day for the on-line auction groups I am in.

Will return on Monday with more of the same action packed, riveting, edge of you seat, play by play of the old, tired, and ugly, house renovations.

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  1. like you say... inch by inch. I'm really enjoying following you on this journey

    ps. The number verification drives me nuts! Means I have to get my glasses out every time. Have you thought about author approval instead?