Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Day Seven

Today was one of those days. Worked on all sorts of projects but didn't seem to get anywhere. And at the end of it, when I had almost completed the blog entry, we lost internet connection and the whole of it disappeared. Sigh.

Short summary of day. Vacuumed cupboards and living room floor. Brought ten bins of Christmas decorations over to store in garage.

The "New to You" sale on the weekend was successful on several fronts. The most pertinent to this project being that an entire mini-van, packed full, was removed out of the current home. And what I mean  by full is that a Tetris champion would have been impressed.

At the sale, our booth looked like this:

The bins held kids clothes, sorted by gender and size.
When we were done, the remaining items were taken to my daughter's home for a soon to be scheduled garage sale.

Sunday, the household mass was reduced by another couple of bins full, as I delivered the items I had sold on-line.

So much lifting and toting is waking up muscles that have been hibernating all winter.By the time I got to the house to clean on Monday, I was tuckered right out.

Robin comes home on Tuesday. It will be his second time inside the new house. The differences from his first walk through to now, will be obvious to him. But to me, in the thick of it, I just keep reminding myself......inch by inch.


  1. Nice pics. I like having something to remember how much I actually saved. I am looking forward to my garage sale to get rid of more.

  2. If I could find somewhere to sell some of our stuff....

    In our last move I removed SO much stuff out of our lives - maybe 25%! That felt good. I am still sorting and getting rid - no real selling over here