Thursday, 24 April 2014

Day Twentyfour

Has it been a week already? Let's see what has been accomplished.

Day 21. Monday. Best weather yet this year. Scrubbed the main doors and walls at the entrance.
Robin got off work early and was home by evening.

Day 22. Tuesdays. To the city for door knobs, Ordered a shed from the Hutterites. This is a major expense but will provide secure storage for furniture and possessions while house is under renovations. When it is finished with that purpose, it will be Robin's workshop and a place to park the tractor.

Day 23. Last weeks snow has melted. Weather has now turned to rain. The dogs that did so well at the new house for three days, have taken to jumping the fence and returning to the old house. They have done this twice now. Hope that when I start staying at the new house, they will want to stay there too.

Last week, snow. This dog shelter, made with salvaged supplies is one of the "DIY gone wrong" projects we get to deal with.

Opened up floorboards in living room. Shaved off the corners of the joists that were pushing the boards up. Floor now flat. In that spot anyways. While we will never be able to play marbles in this house, that one spot on the floor was too wonky for me to let it lie. So glad that Robin has lots of tools.

Lifting floorboards

Joist pushing floor board up

Shaving off the excess

Floorboards replaced

The exterior door knobs on house and garage are now all working and all on one key. The latch set on the right door pictured here, was broken. Instead of replacing it, (and any old passage knob would work) someone filled the space with silicone and screwed it back on. It took over and hour to scrape out the silicone and get the broken latch out.

Had to go back to city to get vent covers. Forgot to write them down on list, and forgot to buy when at store on Tuesday. Gas has spiked to $1.26/liter. That sort of doubled the cost of the vent covers.

Next, begin sub-floor in living room.

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  1. Baby steps! But it looks like it's really coming together now. I'm sure the dogs will settle down - as long as you are happy, I'm sure they will be :-)

    Hope that spring is on the way for you, I can imagine that would make it all easier for you.