Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Day Two

And so we begin.

Tenants have vacated. And for a couple of  knarly bachelors, they left the digs in fairly good shape. Their stuff was gone and the kitchen floor swept and mopped. But in typical female fashion, I will have to do a deep cleaning to remove every trace of previous occupancies. And it is spring, (sort of) so a good spring cleaning is in order.

Started the day by taking 200+ photos of the interior. I always seem to forget to take "before" shots and then get half way through a project before I think about it. Hard to do before/after comparison when all you have is a photo from in the thick of it. So today I tried to get all the details of walking around the house. They will be good for reference later.

After that, I really didn't know what to do. Where to start? I walked around looking at details like the cove molding, and nibbled on dark chocolate, trying to get my bearings. Kind of a meet and greet between the abode and me. Eventually I occurred to me that the first thing that you see as you come in the door would be a good beginning. A stretch of glass door cabinets face the entrance. Below them, a straight bank of bottom cabinets with drawers. An afternoon of scrub a dub-dub, they are whistle clean and sparkly now.

In the middle of that job, my brother showed up with an able helper. When they were done, all the rugs, under-padding and carpet strips were pulled up and hauled to the dump. Guess that means we are committed to new flooring. I keep reminding myself  that it has to get worse, before it gets better.

Tomorrow we will find out, what's inside cupboard number two.


  1. It's already looking good! Just think how nice it will be to settle in after all this cleaning is finished. What kind of a scrapbook space will you manage to get for yourself?

    1. I am happy to share that there will be adequate space in the living/dining room to set up a "Scrap Center"