Monday, 7 July 2014

Day Nintyseven

Greetings dear reader. It is with great relief  that I can report that "THE MOVE" is complete. Well, almost and probably as far as it will be. There are still three large items remaining in the old yard and a plethora of perennials that may not get relocated, but physically, and emotionally we have said good bye to our old home.

Many shrubs and flowers have been rehomed. Yesterday we delivered a van full at our on-line auction meet up.

Robin's grandson joined us for a day of yard work. Together, they made a big dent in the jungle.

Removing the rock garden

View of house in May
View of house in July
The "dog house" is gone and the yard at the patio is presentable.


Dog House on right side.

Dog House, wonky wire fence and most of fallen tree; GONE!

The yard work day was followed by a rainy spell. Robin turned his attention to the electrical issues.

Is now this:
And this:
Is now this:
Which would look better if the TV stand was on an angle. However, the cables to the receivers on the roof were installed with NO SLACK! I guess the cable guy figured I would never want to move the equipment, out of the window and into the cabinet.

Another job that I have been working on has been filling the pot holes and soft spots in the driveway with pea gravel that was under our pergola at the old house. Doing a few pails, each time I was down at the old place, kept it from being an over taxing job. I finally scooped it all. Then a post on facebook, gave me a lead on more free pea gravel. So I continue to scoop a few pails, whenever I am in town.

Finally, this morning, when I cleared the cob web out of my ears, it was puzzling to me to hear the basement sump pump, running and running. It usually runs for less than a minute. A quick peek, down the stairs confirmed we had issues as there was three inches of water on the floor. A split in the hose was the initial issue. Then the main pump refused to turn on. Switched in a new pump, and it is under control again. On Robin's next days off, we will address the basement drainage system.

The forecast for this week is non-stop summer weather. That will keep the focus for me, on outside work. I am thinking a little fresh paint should be on the agenda.


  1. It looks like you are making great progress. That was an interesting "dog house" -- I haven't ever seen one quite like it! Happy settling in. - Fawn

    1. And hopefully, you never will. Robin referred to it as "the abortion" I preferred to be gracious and say, about the builder, that he was "resourceful"