Monday, 16 June 2014

Day Seventy Seven

The longer I wait to make this next post, the harder it becomes to get started. What have we done in the past 27 days? Lots and not much. Depends on my mood at the moment. How about another pictorial summary?

Tore out the dishwasher. Not only was there no shut off valve, but part of the incoming pipe was siliconed and duct taped. Why does it not surprise me that the unseen parts look like crap? If this was satisfactory work to the person(s) that first had the DW installed, I would hate to know what shape their knickers are in.

Tore out the dishwasher. 

 The kitchen sink got and R&R. The drains, pipes, and tap are all new. Problems still though as the pipes are too low for a refuse container to sit under the sink. And even though the packages were identical in the store, the drains are different. So the only real improvement here is that the dripping drain pipes have been fixed.
Out with the old

In with the new

Shiny new tap

Alas, unmatched drains and plugs
 This odd little fixture in the coat room.....
 Was replaced with one that works.

 My washer and dryer were bought, delivered and installed. While everything else about this place seems to be second rate or borderline hillbilly, at least I can gaze on this one little corner that is top end. No compromises here.

 Floor boards and trim for living room are painted.
 And partially installed.

More of the "dog house" was dismantled.

 The apple trees bloomed.
 And bloomed
 And for a brief moment, I didn't notice how awful the place really is.
 And then winter returned. On the day that the movers were booked, of course.
 And before the trim boards were down, the house was filled with possessions. Now it is going to be a real chore to finish.

Now the lilacs are giving their glorious show.

Through out the past month there has been great love shown by dear friends that gave their time and energy to help with packing, moving, and encouragement. Sometimes for an hour. Sometimes for a day. When I count my blessings, my dears, you are right at the top.

Robin will be home tomorrow. The focus of the next week will be to complete the move over. The house is nearly empty, but the yard and garden presents a challenge. Every time Robin is home it is raining. Here's hoping the forecast is wrong and we can drive into the garden to load up.

We are near the end of the move out. Who would have thought it could take three months? I have read that a household  accumulate 1000 pounds of possessions per person, per year. Someone else must be living the minimalistic life because I am sure we surpassed that statistic by many fold. The downsizing will continue for a long time, until we actually fit into this new space. 

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  1. interesting new journey Sassy! It feels a bit like when I moved into this place 7 years ago. It does take time, you musn't despair! The potential is there, just need to find it. It already feels like it has been through several incarnations here. I'm in the quiet phase at the moment, just trying to get to grips with the maintenance that has to be done. Good luck, keep us posted, Heather X