Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Old. Tired. Ugly.


A word that strikes fear and anxiety attacks in the hearts of thousands (millions?) of women each year. And this year, I have become one of the members of this less than desirable group.

An impending move of household and garden, has been foisted upon us by life's circumstances. We will be leaving a country home, situated on a farm quarter section. At first we deliberated where to move. To a town? To a hamlet? To an acreage? A condominium? Although I didn't feel any joy about it, the world was our oyster for a few days. Then one morning I awoke with the realization, that if we move to the home that was available, only a mile and a half away, (also a country home on a farm quarter section) we would not have to change our mailing address. It will remain the same box number at the same rural post office. Also, we would not have to make lifestyle changes and could continue with our love of gardening and various interests, like collecting vintage camping trailers, that require much space. That was all it took to clear my head of all the options. The savings of time and money (changing vehicle registrations and driver's license etc.) was enough to help me move from utter dread and an urge to go stick my head in a snow bank (no sand, this time of year) to beginning to make plans and take positive steps to prepare for the move.

The new home will be older, smaller and less livable than the one we are leaving. The current home is large and full of furniture and the accouterments of life. Add to that a fully usable basement with a scrapbook studio in excess of 300 square feet, and I have a lot of downsizing to accomplish.

As winter wanes and we move towards the big shift over, I have been reevaluating possessions. Many things get accumulated simply because there is a space to fill. Thus many items in my extensive collections are truly not necessary to the daily patterns of life. They are just comfortable to have around. Or pretty. Or something one might "need" in the future. With the mindset that what gets out of the house now, does not have to be moved later, I have been dispersing possessions through on-line auctions, donations to charity shops, and passing on to friends and relatives, items that may be of particular interest to them.

Yet many nights I loose sleep over the worries and concerns of what will be, and how it will happen, and when. As we are moving over the course of a several weeks, I am not sure when or what will delineate the change over from being at one house to occupation of the second. There will be no doubt once the kitchen, bathroom and master bed room has made the relocation, that we will be living in the new house, however, as I will be moving things, one mini-van full at a time, these three main rooms will not arrive all on the same day.

Yet moving the household is not the only concern. We also have a garden to move. A large garden including extensive perennials, trees, and large rocks. Oh yeah, and a garden house. And a green house. And vintage campers, cars, and tractor. It is going to be a busy, busy month.

So with so much on my plate, is it any wonder that I would twig onto the idea that this needs to be blogged? After all, I will be sure to have time when the weather does not cooperate, or I am waiting for extra hands to show up to shift something larger, or I am just too weary and sore to dig another plant.

And that what has brought me to this moment of developments. So I would like to welcome you to my new home here in bloggy world. You can follow along with my mis adventures, and cheer me on or shake your head, wondering why we don't just rent a bulldozer. Because I promise you, it's gonna get really bad before it gets better.

Of course you must be curious to see the new abode. Just a peek for now, ok?

Warning, course language ahead. May not be suitable for all audiences.


  1. I have moved often. Too often. Sometimes up and sometimes down so I do understand to some degree what you are going through. I don't envy you but it sounds like you have a positive, will do attitude which will put you in good stead. I will be here to watch you along the way. Good luck with your packing - I'm an expert at that (unfortunately!)

    1. Thanks for your words of encouragement, Lisa. They are a real comfort to me in this transitional time.

  2. This definitely looks like a daunting task. You will be in my prayers! - Fawn