Friday, 9 May 2014

Day Thirty Nine

Day Thirty One. Shopping trip to city, alone. Ceiling paint, baseboards and casings, scoping out washer and dryer sets.

Day Thirty Two. Get back to work on living room ceiling. Continue to move stuff up, both into storage and the items that make the short list as necessary for survival, and familiar comforts.

Day Thirty Three. Second coat on living room ceiling. Got invited to turkey dinner.

Day Thirty Four. Sunday is my day off from OTU.  Storage Wars meet and coffee with friends.

Day Thirty Five. Started in on living room walls. Removing trim. Scraping the build up of layers of paint, filling holes.

Day Thirty Six. Had a session with massage therapist. Hopefully arm and shoulder will behave now let me get things done a little faster. Afternoon, Robin gets home.

Dogs have been running back to the old home, for no apparent reason. Have one tied up now, and maybe that will keep them both at new home.

Snoopy has moved to garage, but she has no plans to make friends with Jo Katt.

We are getting ready to welcome a third cat, Whiskers to the farm.

Day Thirty Seven.  It takes most the day to get started, because we need scissors, then a pen, then Tuc-tape, etc. One thing at a time, each trip between houses. But we do get started on laying the living room floor.

Underlay in Living Room

Laying laminate flooring

And just because life likes to keep throwing curve balls, Robin's son and daughter-in-law are relocating to Calgary. They have asked us to take their old dog Kiwi. She is a Great Pyrenees, as is Lucy. So what could we say but sure. We have the space. Kiwi is very low maintenance. As long as our situation doesn't change, we will be happy to add her to the tribe.

Day Thirty Eight. Of to city for medical appointment, and more shopping for trim, vent covers, and we splurged and picked out a Miele washer and dryer. I figure, overall this place is such a dump. Having top end, state of the art appliances will help me from sliding into a blue funk about living in this miserable hovel.

In the evening, we had a couple of friends over for help to empty the garden house. Followed that with drinks around the first fire of the season.

Day Thirty Nine. Our shed arrives. Well no, not really our shed. The one that we asked about, two weeks before we ordered our shed, arrived. Somehow the wires got crossed and our speculative questions were interpreted to be a definite order. Everybody is feeling bad about this. We work out a deal, and cancel the much larger shed that was to be delivered next week.  After small shed gets positioned, the garden shed gets loaded at the old place and is brought to its new location.

New shed arrives

oops. A little too small for this spot.

My garden house in its new location.
Today was the first day we have been able to work in the yard. I raked and burned grass and twigs and branches for most of the day. Actually made a dent in the  mess at the fallen tree. We will need a chain saw to fully remove it, though.

Lots of work ahead to remove this grand old crab apple tree.

Tomorrow, the plan is to get back to the living room floor.


  1. You are making real progress! How disappointing the smaller shed must have been, though. - Fawn

  2. Well, I'm very impressed at the progress you are making - it's looking great. Sorry for the shed incident but I'm sure you'll make the most of it. Cheering you on from over here...